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Burglar Alarms Blaydon Tyne and Wear (NE21): Escalating crime levels in the British Isles suggests that now is an ideal time to think about fitting a burglar alarm system in your business or home. Over the course of the year 2018-2019 there were in excess of a million burglaries and burglary attempts in Great Britain, with four hundred and twenty two thousand burglaries recorded in England and Wales alone. (Source: Statista, Crime and Law Enforcement statistics).

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It's a horrible truth that most homeowners only look into the possibility of installing a security system or burglar alarm after a burglary to their property has already occurred. With police reports saying that as 47% of burglaries are perpetrated on the off-chance and you are less likely to be a burglary victim if you have a system installed, it is definitely a worthwhile investment. There are a number of security and burglar alarm systems on the market to match your budget and lessen fears about the possibility of a break-in or burglary. Choosing a burglar alarm that matches your needs can be something of a challenge; how do you work out which to install?

Burglar Alarms Blaydon Tyne and Wear (NE21)

Budget limitations need not be a problem when picking your ideal burglar alarm in Blaydon. Where the cost isn't a problem a security company will install, maintain and monitor your burglar alarm for you, whereas at the other end of the scale, there are simple, battery powered devices that can be installed and running in a few minutes. In addition there are wireless and wired options, and several can be connected to CCTV cameras to record any burglars for later identification. Before choosing a security alarm it is worth thinking about what you would like it to do if the alarm starts to sound.


Visual Only/Audible Burglar Alarms - The least complicated of home alarms, where a siren and pulsating light outside the building gives an indication that the alarm has been activated. The siren, in combination with blinking light will inform folks only in or close to the building where the burglar alarm has been tripped.


  • Simple installment can be accomplished by homeowners with basic do-it-yourself skills.
  • Police forces throughout the UK declare that any security system may discourage burglaries.


  • Regrettably people will simply ignore the alarm.
  • Knowledge of the device is restricted to those in close proximity.
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Auto-Dialler Alarm Systems - These burglar alarms can be linked with your landline or have a cell phone SIM card installed. Typically up to ten people can be informed by SMS or voice message, of any alarm being triggered, with the order set by the alarm owner. If multiple contacts are allowed then if the first one doesn't respond to the warning then the next one on the list is informed, and so forth until verification.


  • Extra flooding, smoke, fire and carbon monoxide sensors are available to be linked to many systems of this type.
  • Notifications are sent as soon as the alarm has been triggered by the device.


  • You must have your phone with you at all times, turned on and be in an area with a good signal to receive an alarm message transmitted by the system.
  • Mobile phone signals might not be received or transmitted in locations with a weak signal and there always has to be be credit on the alarm SIM card.
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Monitored Home Security Systems - A professional security team will monitor your security systems and intruder alarm for a fixed monthly or annual fee. These security companies provide an all in one solution by fitting, monitoring, maintaining your intruder alarm and contacting you if the alarm is activated. These alarms can also be linked with a police response unit for greater security.


  • The deal will often include any alarm repairs and maintenance.
  • Round the clock monitoring of your home or business by a professional security company.
  • The extra security features of monitored alarms are more likely to discourage burglars.


  • Can prove very expensive for some.
  • You could be tied into a lengthy contract with expensive termination fees.
  • Unit installation has to be undertaken by a professional.
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Smart Home Security Systems - By using a combination of cameras and sensors it is quite possible to get twenty four hour coverage of your business or home from anywhere across the world. Log on to your account from your mobile, laptop or tablet to play video footage, view the status of your system and control your alarm in real time.


  • You don't have to be in your home to manage your intruder alarm.
  • The app and software program can be used with numerous digital devices, such as tablets, laptops and smartphones.


  • They rely on internet or data signals for warning the owner.
  • Costs can increase quickly if more detectors and sensors are required than are contained in the standard package.

Portable Alarm Systems - These are small gadgets designed for ease of use and to provide security during travel, or for additional protection for outbuildings where power may not be available. A solar powered alternative now comes with many of these portable alarm systems.


  • Light, portable and simple to install and relocate.
  • Simple to put in, maintain and not expensive to buy.


  • The batteries need to be changed regularly.
  • Offers a fairly restricted level of security with limited uses.


Intruder Alarm Installation Blaydon UK

Now you know just what you need from your burglar alarm in relation to coverage and features, which is best for your house; wired or wireless?

Wired - Typically cheaper than a wireless burglar alarm, providing the same level of security, but the fitting of a wired alarm will probably more because of the extra labour involved in wiring up the system. The operating costs are zero for a wired alarm as there are no batteries to replace in the sensors or the alarm bell box. Having said that, even in a wired intruder alarm there might be a backup rechargeable battery, in case of power failure, found in the control unit and external siren box. If the wiring isn't hidden it can look rather unsightly.

Wireless - Wireless security alarms are no longer the costly gadgets that they were previously, with many excellent systems available at competitive prices. You might be capable of installing a basic wireless burglar alarm by yourself, however for peace of mind it's always a safe bet to bring in a professional alarm company, who can provide expertise and advice from start to finish. A wireless burglar alarm requires the sensors, bell box and other detectors to have fully charged up batteries regularly, to keep the device functioning correctly.

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Whatever burglar alarm system you settle on, it is best to bring in a reputable security company for the installation and maintenance. In Blaydon you've a variety of companies available, and it's always best to get several estimates.

A good Blaydon security company will take note of your needs and provide a solution that will be an appropriate fit for your circumstances. This will entail a site survey to identify any entry points which need to be protected, along with enhancements that could be made to existing door and window locks if required.

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Speak to your home or business insurer before installation, to determine if there might be a reduction on your policy for an approved alarm system on your home. If you are able to meet your insurers intruder alarm specifications, you could be pleasantly surprised to receive a discount on your annual policy.

The top approved alarm installation providers for the purpose of insurance have to be NSI (National Security Inspectorate) or the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) accredited companies. These credentials show the consumer that they'll be getting the best quality service available from a qualified and trusted provider in Blaydon.

If you intend to use your burglar alarm system to remotely connect with a police unit it has to be installed by an accredited company and adhere to SSAIB or NSI regulations to the letter. If you do elect to sign up for the police monitoring unit you'll need to have proof of accreditation by the SSAIB or NSI from your installers, and verification that your intruder alarm complies with their stringent regulations. It's also worthwhile saying that to be able to remain in the police response service you need to have your burglar alarm system maintained and serviced frequently by an approved and accredited company.

Access Control/Door Entry Systems

Providing safe and secure entry points to any building is always a priority and door entry/access control systems can help secure areas that need more than a simple lock and key. Beyond the capabilities of a lock that has been upgraded, an access control system that has been installed by a professional can offer security in a range of different ways. By incorporating cameras and 2-way communication, an access control system enables you to determine who is at your door without needing to open it.

In a domestic situation, access control is normally limited to external doors, but if you operate a business in Blaydon you might need offices and other areas to be restricted to only those who need entry as part of their role. This goal can be achieved through electronic or mechanical means, with security provisions like keyless rf fobs, keypad entry doors, and even biometric recognition, such as fingerprint or iris scanning.

The Main Benefits of Installing a Burglar Alarm in Your Home in Blaydon

A burglar alarm is a security system that is designed to warn you and the authorities when there is a break-in. Installing an alarm system in your home can provide a host of benefits, from increasing your peace of mind to deterring would-be thieves. In this section, we'll take a look at a few of the advantages of installing an alarm system in your property in Blaydon.

  • Saves Money on Insurance: Property owners who install a security alarm could be entitled to lower insurance premiums, because the reduced risk of a break-in means fewer claims for damages or stolen property, meaning cost savings for insurance providers.
  • Increased Resale Value: Fitting a security alarm can boost the value of your property should you decide to sell, because buyers are often ready to pay a premium for properties with existing security features. This can make your property more desirable to prospective buyers and increase its selling potential.
  • Peace of Mind: Burglar alarms provide peace of mind, knowing that your family and home are secure and safe. This peace of mind is particularly vital when you're away from property for a lengthy period.
  • Deterrence: One of the main benefits of a burglar alarm is its ability to deter intruders. The existence of a burglar alarm in your home will make thieves think twice before attempting a break-in. The loud alarm will alert you and your neighbours of any intrusion, and most burglars will not want to risk getting caught.
  • Early Detection: A burglar alarm can detect any unauthorised entry into your home and alert you instantly. Early detection is vital as it provides you with enough time to call the authorities and prevent any loss or damage to your home.

To summarise, the installation of an alarm system in your home in Blaydon is a prudent investment that can offer a number of advantages. It provides security, peace of mind, and financial benefits such as increased property value and reduced insurance premiums. The installation cost is minimal when compared with the security and safety it can provide for your home and loved ones.

Perimeter Security Blaydon

Perimeter Security Blaydon

A perimeter security system can be independent of a pre-existing burglar alarm on a large property in Blaydon, or it can be built-into an active alarm control unit for ease of use. Whereas a burglar alarm warns you when somebody forces their way into your premises, a perimeter security system will be activated when somebody enters your property's outside boundary.

Really simple perimeter alarm systems could make a noise like a bell, very much like the ones on the door of a shop when a person enters the premises. More elaborate alarms might employ motion cameras, infrared detectors, laser beams and even ground radar and seismic detection devices to inform you of trespassers on your property.

An effective and simple sort of property perimeter security is the plastic sharp plastic spike strips that can be easily installed on the top of walls and fences. They do not of course raise an alarm, but the small rigid plastic spikes can deter trespassers from crossing your property boundaries by establishing a physical and painful barrier to anybody attempting to climb over a wall. (Tags: Perimeter Security Blaydon, Perimeter Security Systems Blaydon, Home Perimeter Security Blaydon).

Smoke/Fire Alarm Installation

Fire and smoke detectors can easily be linked into an existing intruder alarm system to provide zoned monitoring in the event of fire. There are wireless and hard-wired alternatives on offer which seamlessly integrate into your existing burglar alarm, or can be included in a package if you're installing a new alarm.

Most householders in Blaydon install basic battery operated smoke/fire alarms that are simple to install and can offer a reasonable level of protection throughout the home. While these offer a very good substitute for a hard-wired system with battery back-up, there's a propensity to remove the battery when the alarm begins to emit a warning, therefore making it useless.

A detection system that is linked to your home's intruder alarm system will alert the entire household instead of a single room. This ensures a fast and successful evacuation of your whole family in the event of a fire. (Tags: Smoke Alarms Blaydon, Smoke Alarm Installation Blaydon, Fire Alarms Blaydon, Fire Alarm Installation Blaydon).

Burglar Alarm Maintenance Blaydon

Routine maintenance is vital if you wish to keep your burglar alarm in Blaydon working in the way that it should. Changing batteries in sensors or remote controls and other minor servicing tasks, can be easily done by the property owner in most instances. A professional technician will be required to assist with more complex servicing and repairs.

If your burglar alarm system is on a contract, the security company's pricing may include maintenance at defined periods as outlined by the contract you signed at the outset. Finding a seasoned security alarm technician in Blaydon to help you keep your system in good working order if you've got a standalone alarm system should not be a problem.

At some stage in their service life, external alarm sirens will possibly require a change of batteries. A skilled operative will be needed to change the Li-ion or lead acid rechargeable batteries which are used as a power backup in many sirens, since these have a finite life.

If keeping your property and family safe is important to you, then the regular maintenance of your alarm system is essential. (Tags: Burglar Alarm Maintenance Blaydon, Alarm Maintenance Blaydon, Security Alarm Maintenance Blaydon, Intruder Alarm Maintenance Blaydon)

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