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Burglar Alarms UK: Growing crime levels in the United Kingdom indicates that now is a good moment to look into installing a burglar alarm in your home or business. Reports show that there were over 1 million attempted robberies and burglaries in the British Isles during the year 2018-19, and from this number in England and Wales there were approximately 422,000 confirmed burglaries from property.

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Many property owners only install a burglar alarm or upgrade their home security after a burglary or theft to their property has already been perpetrated. Fitting a security alarm is an investment worth considering, especially when the police say that there is far less chance of being a target to the 47% of thieves who carry out their activities on the off-chance. By thinking ahead and looking at the available systems that might be appropriate for your situation, you'll be able to save a lot of worry and heartache that will be caused by a home or business intrusion. But precisely how do you select a home security system or burglar alarm that's right for you?

Burglar Alarms UK

There are detection and alarm devices available for all budgets. The range of features of burglar alarms can set you back pretty much any amount that you are prepared to pay, with alarms that work right out of the box (simply add batteries), to alarms which need professional installation and can send alerts by SMS or voice messages to 24 hour security companies. It's even simple to hook up CCTV cameras into your alarm which will capture any thieves whenever the alarm is triggered. It's worthwhile considering, prior to buying your intruder alarm, exactly what its designated purpose is.

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Visual Only/Audible Alarms - Typically an external bell box with a blinking light that sounds whenever the alarm's been triggered. They notify the occupants of the building and local area, but raise the alarm without contacting anybody, for example your mobile phone or a security company.



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Auto-Dialler Intruder Alarms - These have all of the features of a visual audio security alarm, but can also send a SMS text via a prepaid SIM card or send a voice message to a landline. This permits the alarm control unit to send a text or voice message to chosen contacts with some systems allowing multiple contacts to be included in a cascade-style system of phoning. This means if one person doesn't respond, the next individual lined up is called and warned about the problem.



  • If your mobile is turned off or has no signal, you won't receive a notification from your alarm.
  • SIM only devices need the card to be topped up before use and might not work that well in a location with a weak signal.
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Monitored Home Security Systems - A professional security provider will constantly monitor your security systems and burglar alarm for a fixed monthly or annual fee. These security alarm companies supply an all in one solution by installing, maintaining and monitoring your alarm system and contacting you in times of an alarm trigger. For further security such alarm systems also sometimes have the possibility of informing the police of an alarm on your property.


  • Your alarm is constantly tracked and monitored for any events by a dependable security firm.
  • The deal will usually cover any alarm repairs and maintenance.
  • The additional security measures of monitored alarms are more likely to deter criminals.


  • You could be tied into a long contract with costly cancellation charges.
  • Costs escalate depending on level of cover required.
  • You are unable to fit this type of system yourself.
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Smart Home Security - Using the net to provide communications and a combination of detectors, cameras and sensors, you can remotely monitor and control your burglar alarm wherever you are. With a secure application and personal account you have the ability to manage and view all aspects of your intruder alarm from any compatible smartphone, tablet or computer.


Portable Alarms - Such battery powered devices add an additional layer of security in areas where short-term burglar alrms are required. A solar powered option is now available with some of these portable alarm systems.


  • An inexpensive option for temporary installation because of their ease of use.
  • Can be relocated to suit your requirements.


  • If not solar powered, batteries have to be checked regularly.
  • Basic security which only provides a local alarm in case of intrusion.


Intruder Alarm Installation UK

Now that you know exactly what you will need from your alarm system in relation to coverage and features, which will be the best for your house; wireless or wired?

Wired - If you do not wish to see cabling running around your house you'll need to use trunking or chase the wires into the walls, consequently making installation a specialist task and increasing the outlay. Operating costs are zero for a wired alarm because there are no batteries to replace in the alarm bell box or the sensors. Having said that, even in a hard-wired alarm system there could be a rechargeable battery for power failure use, located in the exterior siren box and in the internal control box. If not fitted with care the cables can look unsightly running around the walls of your house.

Wireless - Wireless alarms, although slightly more pricey than a hard-wired system with similar capabilities, have reduced in price making them affordable for everybody in the UK. The basic alarms are also quite simple to install by anybody with an average level of do-it-yourself expertise, however for the more complex security systems it is preferable to use the experience of a professional alarm installation company. You will need to have a fresh supply of decent quality batteries on hand for the sensors and siren box and swap them according to the maker's recommendations for the most effective results.

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Whichever type of burglar alarm you decide on, it's best to employ a reputable security company for the installation and servicing. You will discover that there are a variety of alarm companies across UK, providing sales, installation and servicing of burglar alarms.

Most burglar alarm contractors in the UK will be happy to work along with you to provide the perfect security options for your home. This will consist of an on-site survey to identify any access points that need to be protected, as well as improvements that can be made to current door and window locks if needed.

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Before installing your intruder alarm it is worth getting in contact with your home insurance provider. Some savings can be made to your building and contents insurance by getting an approved and professionally fitted intruder alarm installed on your home.

It is important to verify that your chosen burglar alarm company is an approved provider with the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) or the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). Such credentials demonstrate to the consumer that they will be receiving the best quality service available from a trusted and qualified company in the UK.

Don't forget that only NSI or SSAIB compliant security alarms which have been fitted by an approved company can be that connects directly to the police response service. If your installation team has not got this approval your security system won't be able to sign up to the police response program. It's also worthwhile mentioning that to be able to stay in the police monitoring service you must have your alarm maintained and serviced frequently by an approved and accredited security company.

Fire/Smoke Alarm Installation UK

Smoke and fire detectors can be incorporated into a new or current intruder alarm system to offer you zoned notifications in the event of fire. If you are fitting a brand new home security system, hard-wired and wireless, watch out for one which incorporates a smoke or fire detector, or one that can add these options at a later date.

Most homeowners in the UK fit basic battery operated smoke/fire alarms that are easy to fit and can provide 24-hour protection all around the house. Unfortunately, as effective as these simple smoke alarms can be, many people forget to regularly replace the batteries, or often take them out to prevent the annoying beeping when the battery is low.

A hard-wired smoke alarm with battery backup, that's linked to your home's burglar alarm unit, will trigger the main alarm to notify the entire household if there is a fire. In more substantial homes in the UK, the advantage is that there's a lot more time for everybody to get out safely, and more prospect of the Fire Service to tackle any fire quickly.

Perimeter Security UK

Perimeter Security UK

For increased protection around your property in the UK, perimeter security is an extra option which can be incorporated into your pre-existing intruder alarm system. Where a burglar alarm warns you when somebody breaks into your premises, perimeter security systems are activated when somebody crosses your property's outside boundary.

A simple perimeter device can be made to alert you, and the person on your property, that they have been recognised by creating a doorbell type of sound much like shop entry systems. More complex perimeter alarms can use laser beams, infrared detectors, CCTV and even ground radar and seismic detection devices to warn you of trespassers on your premises.

A very passive, simple and effective, sort of perimeter security is the basic spiked wall or fence topper. Although they do not of course sound any alarm, these sharp spikes prevent intruders climbing over walls by creating a painful barrier. (Tags: Home Perimeter Security UK, Perimeter Security UK, Perimeter Security Systems UK).

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To see the latest on social media, check this out. Burglar alarm installation advice and information is readily available from internet forums, so to take advantage of this you need to pop along to the Security Installer Forum, subjects include name & shame, non-compliant installations, regulations & standards, product and service news and trade membership. To view and buy wireless burglar alarms, security alarm accessories, wired alarms, alarm kits and smart alarms, and various other alarm installer accessories click here. If you'd like to discover more on security alarms, you will find details of wireless, wired & hybrid systems, dummy & absent alarms, sensor types, broadband alarm monitoring, alarm connection and monitoring, designs of burglar alarm and radio alarm dual signalling, by visiting Wikipedia. Presently there are plenty of wonderful articles about alarm installation on the internet, subsequently if you are eager to find out about the best burglar alarm systems in 2020 head here. Discover how to install a Yale intruder alarm on YouTube here.

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