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Burglar Alarms UK: If you are thinking about the installation of a burglar alarm it could be useful to be aware that the rates of crime in Britain have been soaring each year. In the year of 2018-19 there were more than 1 million burglary attempts and burglaries in Britain, with four hundred and twenty two thousand robberies recorded in England and Wales alone. (Source: Statista, Crime and Law Enforcement figures).

It's a sad fact of life that most folks only think of installing a burglar alarm and CCTV after they have already been robbed. With the UK police saying that since forty seven percent of robberies are committed on the off-chance and you're less likely to be a victim of burglary if you've got a security system installed, it's undoubtedly worth the investment. Avoid the worry and heartache caused by a break in by installing an alarm system which is appropriate for your business or home. But precisely how do you select an intruder alarm or security system that's perfect for you?

Budget constraints don't have to be an issue when picking your perfect burglar alarm system. From basic battery operated alarms for doors and windows, to fully-fledged, multiple entry point equipment which can call or send an SMS text to you or a security provider when the alarm is set off. It is even pretty simple to connect a CCTV system into your alarm which will record any burglars when an alarm is activated. It's worth thinking about, before buying your home alarm, precisely what its intended purpose is for.