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Burglar Alarms Wrexham Wales (LL1): If you're looking at the installation of a burglar alarm it could be useful to know that the rates of crime in the United Kingdom have been climbing each year. There were more than a million attempted break-ins and burglaries in the British Isles in the year 2018-2019, and from this figure in England and Wales alone there were roughly 422,000 reported burglaries from property. (Source: Statista, Crime and Law Enforcement statistics).

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Many householders in Wrexham only install a burglar alarm or upgrade their home security system after a theft or burglary to their property has been perpetrated. Installing a security alarm is an investment worth looking at, particularly when the police in general say that there is far less probability of being the target of the 47% of criminals who do their dirty work on the spur of the moment. Avert the stress brought on by a robbery by installing an intruder alarm system that's appropriate for your business or home. But, with such a lot of burglar alarms for sale, which kind is the best for your house?

Burglar Alarms Wrexham Wales (LL1)

Budget restrictions don't need to be an issue when picking out your perfect burglar alarm system. Where the price tag isn't a worry a dedicated security provider will install, service and monitor your security alarm on your behalf, whereas at the other end of the scale, there are straightforward, battery powered alarms that can be installed and running within a few minutes. Many of these systems can be found in wireless or wired varieties and can even integrate with a security camera or CCTV system to film events for photographic and video evidence. It's worth thinking about, prior to buying your intruder alarm, exactly what its designated purpose is.


Visual Only/Audible Alarms - Normally an exterior bell box with a flashing light that will sound whenever the alarm has been tripped. They warn the building occupants and local area, but raise the alarm without communicating with anyone, such as a security provider or your mobile phone.


  • Having any sort of security alarm installed can help to deter burglary according to the police.
  • Simple to install.


  • False alarms over the years have made a lot of folks "alarm immune".
  • Only occupants and neighbours in the immediate area are alerted if the intruder alarm is activated.
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Auto-Dial Security Alarms - While sounding a siren or bell to notify anyone in the vicinity, these burglar alarm systems can also send SMS text or voice messages to pre-arranged contacts. This enables the control unit to deliver a text or voice message to predetermined contacts with some examples allowing several contacts to be included in a cascade-style system of phoning. This means that if the first does not answer, the next in line is called and made aware of the situation.


  • Extra fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and flooding detectors are available to be linked to most systems of this type.
  • Notifications are dispatched immediately an alarm has been detected by the system.


  • You have to have your mobile phone with you at all times, switched on and be in an area with a good signal to receive the alarm message from the system.
  • There's always got to be enough credit on the SIM that is inserted in the alarm's control panel.
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Monitored Alarm Systems - By paying an annual or a monthly fee you will be able to have your burglar alarm system closely monitored by trained security officers. The company will respond to any alarm to give assistance, and will often install and maintain the equipment as an integral part of the overall package. If you also need the additional service of a police response, such monitored security systems may have the ability to link to them directly.


  • Potential burglars are far more likely to be put off by a monitored alarm.
  • Your alarm is continually monitored for any events by a trusted security firm.
  • The agreement will usually cover any alarm repairs and other routine maintenance.


  • Equipment installation and servicing can only be done by the company.
  • Annual or monthly fees can prove costly.
  • Expensive cancellation fees and extended contracts.
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Smart Home Security Systems - Using the web for communications and a combination of sensors, cameras and detectors, you can remotely control and monitor your house alarm wherever you happen to be. Using a secure application and personal account you've got the capability to control and monitor every aspect of your security system and burglar alarm from your compatible Windows, Android or iOS device.


  • Log in securely and access your alarm system from your Android or iPhone mobile phone.
  • If you're away from home a lot it is an ideal way to manage your alarm system.


  • They can become costly if extra sensors are needed.
  • The system depends upon decent internet speeds and phone data signal for the app to work effectively.

Portable Alarms - For extra security in outbuildings and sheds these small battery operated devices can offer convenient and instant protection. A solar power alternative now comes with some of these portable alarms.


  • Simple to install, maintain and not expensive to buy.
  • Can be moved to satisfy your requirements.


  • Fairly basic security features which only provide a local alarm in case of a break-in.
  • If not solar recharged or powered, batteries will need to be checked frequently.


Intruder Alarm Installation Wrexham UK

As soon as you have decided what you want your burglar alarm to do, and the areas it needs to protect, would you be better to have a wired or wireless system?

Wired - Usually less expensive than a wireless system, providing an identical level of security, however the installation of a wired alarm will likely more because of the additional labour involved in laying the cables through your home. A wired burglar alarm is low maintenance and inexpensive to operate, requiring only mains electricity for the system to work (and no expensive batteries). Having said that, even in a hard-wired burglar alarm system there might be a backup rechargeable battery, in case of power failure, found in the control unit and external siren box. If not fitted properly the wires can look untidy as they run around your home.

Wireless - Wireless alarms, although a little more pricey than a hard-wired version with similar capabilities, have reduced in price making them affordable for everyone. You may be capable of installing a fairly basic wireless alarm by yourself, but if in doubt it's generally safer to use a specialist installation company, who will be able to provide expertise and advice from start to finish. Decent quality batteries are needed for the alarm bell and all sensors, and they will have to be checked frequently.

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No matter what type of burglar alarm you settle on, it is usually advisable to bring in a reputable company for the installation and servicing. There are a variety of alarm installation companies in and around Wrexham, offering everything from sales, installation and servicing of burglar and security alarms.

Many burglar alarm companies in Wrexham will be happy to work together with you to come up with the right security measures for your property. Even if you've described your requirements, some burglar alarm installers will ask to do a site survey to ensure there is no area you may have missed, and to figure out the perfect design for your burglar alarm system.

Burglar Alarm System Wrexham

Prior to any installation, check your buildings insurance to see if you might be entitled to a discount. If you're able to meet your insurers alarm system specifications, you could be surprised to receive a reduction on your policy renewal.

The leading approved alarm installation providers for the purpose of insurance need to be National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) accredited companies. By using the services of a certified alarm company in Wrexham, you can trust the professionalism, confidentiality and work that are the mark of a first-rate security alarm installer.

Bear in mind that only SSAIB or NSI compliant burglar alarms that have been installed by a licensed company can be that connects directly to the police response team. If you do want to join the police service you will need to have proof of certification by the NSI or SSAIB from your installation company, and affirmation that your house alarm conforms to their strict guidelines. It is also worthwhile saying that in order to remain in the police monitoring and response service you have to have your burglar alarm serviced regularly by an accredited and approved company.

For those of you who live in the surrounding Wales areas outside of Wrexham, such as Rhos-Ddu, Coed-Y-Glyn, Brymbo, Sontley, Marchwiel, Tanyfron, Rhostyllen, New Broughton, Marford, Cross Lanes, Coedpoeth, Bersham, Gresford, Rhosnesni, Minera, Hightown, these burglar alarm installation services are still readily available. Checking this will ensure you access locally based providers of burglar alarms. Wrexham property owners can benefit from these and various other related services.

Access Control/Door Entry Systems

Providing safe and secure entryways to any building is always a priority and access control systems can help secure areas that need more than just a simple lock and key. When an access control system is installed by a professional, it can offer security in numerous ways that go beyond what an upgraded lock can provide. When equipped with two-way communication and integrated cameras, an access control system gives you the ability to recognise who's at your door without opening it.

Domestic access control is typically restricted to outside doors, but in the case of businesses in Wrexham, access might have to be controlled for specific areas, including offices and other rooms, to individuals whose job responsibilities require access. Keyless RF fobs, keypad entry doors, and biometric identification technology, such as iris or fingerprint recognition, are security features that can be implemented through mechanical or electronic methods to accomplish this. Access control and door entry systems are an essential aspect of modern building security, providing peace of mind to occupants and property owners by limiting access to sensitive areas and ensuring that only authorised individuals are permitted entry.

Burglar Alarm Maintenance Wrexham

So that it is always working effectively and in the desired way, the regular maintenance of your burglar alarm in Wrexham will be necessary. Replacing batteries in sensors or remote controls and other minor servicing tasks, can be easily done by the home owner in most cases. You will however need to call on the assistance of a specialist technician when more involved servicing is necessary.

There may well be set periods where maintenance has to be undertaken with some alarm contracts, and this should be included in the contract pricing of the security firm. You should have no problem finding an experienced security alarm engineer to help you keep your system up and running, if you've got a standalone system that is not covered by a contract.

In the case of exterior alarm sirens, the batteries will possibly need changing at some stage during their service life. As a lithium-ion (Li-ion) or lead acid rechargeable battery is used as a power backup in many sirens, these have a finite life, they will need to be replaced by a competent person.

To make sure that you keep your loved ones and property safe, it is important that you maintain your burglar alarm system. (Tags: Burglar Alarm Maintenance Wrexham, Alarm Maintenance Wrexham, Intruder Alarm Maintenance Wrexham, Security Alarm Maintenance Wrexham)

The Main Benefits of Installing a Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm is a security system designed to warn you and the authorities in the event of an intrusion. Installing An intruder alarm in your home can provide a number of benefits, from increasing your peace of mind to deterring would-be thieves. In this section, we will discover a few of the advantages of installing an alarm system in your Wrexham home.

  • Increased Property Values: Fitting an intruder alarm can boost the value of your home during resale, because buyers are usually happy to pay a premium for properties with existing security features. This can make your property more attractive to possible buyers and increase its appeal in the market.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your property is protected by a burglar alarm can provide you with an added sense of security and peace of mind. Regardless of whether you're at home or away, you can relax knowing that your property is being monitored 24/7, and that you'll be alerted if there's an intrusion. This can be particularly comforting for families with young children or elderly relatives who may be more vulnerable to intruders.
  • Early Detection: A burglar alarm can detect any unwanted entry into your home and alert you instantly. Early detection is vital since it provides you with enough time to call the police and prevent any damage to your property or loss of property.
  • Deter Burglars: One of the most significant benefits of an alarm system is its ability to discourage intruders. The existence of an alarm system in your home will make burglars think carefully before attempting a break-in. The loud alarm will warn you and the authorites of any intrusion, and most burglars will not want to risk getting caught.
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums: Most insurance firms offer reduced premiums for homes with an alarm system installed, as the risk of theft and burglary is lower.

Perimeter Security Wrexham

Perimeter Security Wrexham

A perimeter security system can provide additional protection for your property in Wrexham, and either operate as a standalone alarm, or be incorporated into your pre-existing security alarm device. Whereas a burglar alarm notifies you when somebody forces their way into your premises, a perimeter security system will be activated when someone enters the outside boundary of your property.

A basic perimeter device can be made to alert you, and the person on your property, that they have been recognised by producing a doorbell type of sound pretty much the same as shop entry systems. For homeowners who take their perimeter security really seriously, there are even leading-edge options which include seismic detectors, infrared sensors, ground radar, CCTV and lasers to shield their property.

A very simple, passive and efficient, type of perimeter security is the ubiquitous spiked fence or wall topper. They don't raise the alarm, but the small rigid plastic spikes can stop unwelcome ingress to your property boundaries by establishing a painful and physical barrier to anybody aiming to scale your wall. (Tags: Perimeter Security Systems Wrexham, Perimeter Security Wrexham, Home Perimeter Security Wrexham).

Burglar Alarm Repairs Wrexham

In all likelihood your home security system will give you hassle-free operation for years, however every once in a while something may conk out. You might find that all of the repairs are covered, if you've got a contract set up with a security monitoring provider.

An intruder alarm that is out of warranty and isn't included in a repair contract will have to be inspected by a professional Wrexham alarm engineer, and any faults repaired. Branded alarm equipment can be fixed by companies who provide a fixed fee repair service in Wrexham, or have a "no fix, no fee" policy. With any quotes for repairs, make it a rule to obtain a minimum of 3 estimates, make certain that you know precisely what is and what isn't included in the price, e.g. collection and return of the system if it cannot be repaired in situ.

Self-Fit Burglar Alarms

DIY Burglar Alarms Wrexham

It can be quite pricey to have a home alarm system installed by a professional in Wrexham, and putting in your own do-it-yourself system is one way to reduce costs. A do-it-yourself alarm installation can save you money and may be perfect if you've got a modicum of DIY skills and are comfortable working with electronic equipment. If you decide to take the do-it-yourself route pay careful attention to where detectors and sensors are placed, and if you're unclear about the ideal location you should seek the advice of a professional.

Do-it-yourself alarm systems can be either wireless or wired. While wireless security systems are normally far simpler to install than wired ones, keep in mind that for some equipment you will need an electrical outlet close by. As the sensors in a wireless alarm system are battery powered, their installation is made easier.

So, to provide protection and peace of mind for your home and family, whilst also saving your hard earned cash, you could give some thought to a DIY security alarm. (Tags: DIY Burglar Alarms Wrexham, Self-Install Burglar Alarms Wrexham, Fit-Yourself Burglar Alarms Wrexham).

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Recently posted Wales alarm requirements: Mathew and Eloise Power were enquiring about having a burglar alarm fitted to their home in St Davids. Dexter and Pippa Brock were enquiring about having an intruder alarm fitted to their semi-detached house in Brynamman, Wales. Mr and Mrs Rowe were enquiring about having a security alarm fitted to their detached house in Pen Clawdd. Samuel Kerr was looking for somebody who can install a burglar alarm in Holywell. Mr Bartosz Snell was enquiring about getting a cabon monoxide alarm installed on his terraced house in Dinas Powis, Wales. Mr and Mrs Foulkes in Gwaun Cae Gurwen wanted a fire alarm installed. Ajay Chalmers was trying to find somebody who installs house alarms near Pen Y Groes. Kayson Martin wanted an estimate for getting a cabon monoxide alarm fitted to his semi-detached house in Llanrug. These Wales homeowners conducted a search for "burglar alarms Wales" and came across this web page on Bing, Yahoo or Google.

Leave a Review for a Job Well Done

So as to acquire work and thrive in business, local services and companies need to get complimentary online reviews, since these are what people in Wrexham count on nowadays to find businesses they can trust. If the alarm company you employed provided a good quality service, you should repay their efforts by leaving a positive review. Possible future customers can benefit from hearing your first hand knowledge, and there are naturally benefits for the business too. If you think back to the methods you used to locate somebody to do your work, you'll realise how checking out reviews helped you. Even if a particular company website looks impressive, in the absence of any meaningful reviews and testimonials you may well have looked someplace else for an alarm installer.

Leaving a Review

But, how much faith can be put on reviews which are displayed on the website of a business? Did genuine people write these reviews or did a member of the company, looking to promote their services, make them up?

A simple way to look for sincere and authentic reviews of any particular service or burglar alarm company in Wrexham is to check out the reviews on Google My Business listings, which are far more likely to be reliable. To discover any business's reputation and also influence a business's search engine ranking, most would agree that this is THE review website. The leading Google My Business competitor is Bing Places for Business, which is the second biggest review area for local services and companies in Wrexham. Your glowing review here will provide an overview of the company that successfully worked on your project and help to raise their profile. Feedback and reviews can also be left on Twitter and Facebook pages, which are great and immediately visible ways to promote a local company. Many small businesses in Wrexham will rely heavily on such social media websites for their marketing and promotion strategy. Adding in your own approving reviews on Twitter or Facebook will help reinforce their promotional message, and potentially generate additional leads.

Going 'old school' and traditional is of course still appropriate, and you can prepare a hand-written thankyou letter and post it in to the company. These can easily be scanned for use on company websites, and are still handy in an online world. They could even be put in a frame or compiled to create a review portfolio to hand to potential customers in one on one meetings. No matter how your review is created, you will feel good that you might have helped out a local small business who proved to be trustworthy.

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Intruder Alarm Installations Around Wrexham: Folks who live in the following roads have just recently requested house alarms - Salisbury Road, School Road, Cilcoed, Stringers Lane, Cricket Ground, Cromar Crescent, Trem-y-nant, Trevor Avenue, Smithfield Green, Copperas Hill, Beeston View, Bryn Tegla, Allt Y Pentref, School Mews, Springfield Court, Cae Daniel, Singrett Hill, Smelt Road, Aran Road, Cherry Hill Drive, Tegfan, Conway Drive, Carlton Drive, Dee Valley Court, Treweryn Close, St Davids Court, Dennis Court, Sunnyridge Avenue, Smithy Lane. And in these postcodes LL11 1SU, LL11 1RR, LL11 1SE, LL11 1BE, LL11 1AL, LL11 2AZ, LL11 0FN, LL11 0FT, LL11 1ND, LL11 1LP. These areas recently saw activity by specialists in burglar alarms. Wrexham home and business owners were given high quality and competent alarm installation services on each occasion.

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