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Burglar Alarms Salisbury Wiltshire (SP1): With the worrying thought of crime levels rising each year there's rarely been a more suitable moment to install a burglar alarm for your business or home. Over the course of the year 2018-19 there were in excess of 1 million robbery attempts and burglaries in the UK, with four hundred and twenty two thousand burglaries recorded in England and Wales alone.

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Most people only enhance their home security system or put in a burglar alarm after a burglary or theft to their home has already been perpetrated. With the UK police saying that since 47% of robberies are committed on the spur of the moment and you are less likely to be robbed if you've got a system installed, it is certainly worth the investment. By planning ahead and looking at the sytems which might be suitable for your situation, you can save a lot of heartache and stress that will be caused by a business or home intrusion. Picking a burglar alarm system that matches your needs can be something of a challenge; how do you work out which type to go for?

Burglar Alarms Salisbury Wiltshire (SP1)

Any budget is catered for across the burglar alarm range. The wide range of features of various intruder alarms can set you back pretty much any amount that you are prepared to pay, with alarms that work right from the box (simply add the batteries), to alarms that call for professional installation and can send alerts by SMS or voice messages to 24 / 7 security providers. Many of these alarm systems are available in wireless or wired varieties and may even connect up to a security system or CCTV camera to record events for video and photographic evidence. Before buying your burglar alarm it is well worth considering precisely what you'd like it to do if the alarm actually goes off.


Visual Only/Audible Alarms - These are restricted to an external or internal bell and/or a visual indicator that the alarm has been triggered. The bell, coupled with flashing light will only warn folks in or near the building where the intruder alarm has been tripped.


  • Installation is comparatively simple and quick.
  • The alarm box is a visible deterrent that can help to deter would be intruders.


  • Regrettably folks will sometimes just ignore the alarm.
  • Knowledge of the security alarm is confined to those in or close to the property or building.
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Auto-Dial Burglar Alarms - These burglar alarms can be linked with your landline or have a cell phone SIM card installed. Usually up to 10 people can be alerted by SMS or voice message, of any alarm being triggered, with the order determined by the burglar alarm owner. This kind of messaging system can be set up to send alerts to individuals listed until the notification is acknowledged.


  • An alarm trigger will immediately send a notification to alert one of your contacts.
  • Additional alarms can be added to warn you of fire, carbon monoxide or flood.


  • You have to have your mobile with you, switched on and be in an area with a good signal to receive an alarm message transmitted by the device.
  • Devices that are SIM only need the card to be topped up for use and may not work effectively in a weak signal location.
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Monitored Alarm Systems - By paying a monthly or annual fee you'll be able to have your burglar alarm system closely monitored by a trained security team. The company will respond to any alarm to offer assistance, and will invariably install and service the alarm system themselves as part of the overall package. If you'd also like the additional service of a local police response unit, these monitored intruder alarms sometimes have the capability to link to them directly.


  • The package will generally include any alarm repairs and maintenance that is required.
  • Prospective thieves are far more likely to be put off by a monitored alarm.
  • 24 hour monitoring and response services by an experienced team of security and alarm specialists.


  • Unit installation has to be undertaken by a professional.
  • Costs vary according to levels of cover required.
  • Expensive termination fees and extended contracts.
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Smart Home Security Systems - Making use of a combination of cameras and sensors it is possible to get 24 hour coverage of your business or home from anywhere on the planet. Log into the account from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to check the status of your system, play video recordings and control your alarm remotely.


  • Can be installed easily and monitored from your mobile phone via an app.
  • An excellent way to monitor your home or office if you travel a lot.


  • Inadequate internet speed can interrupt communications from and to your security alarm.
  • Costs can increase rapidly if more sensors or detectors are required than are contained in the basic package.

Portable Alarms - Such battery powered gadgets add extra security cover in locations where short-term burglar alrms are required. Solar panels are a feature of some devices to supply power to an integrated rechargeable battery.


  • Handy for travelers and people who are often on the move who need to add some additional security to a hotel room.
  • An inexpensive option for temporary installation due to their simplicity of use.


  • Requires new or recharged batteries to function efficiently.
  • Offers limited security with limited uses.


Intruder Alarm Installation Salisbury UK

When you've decided what you want your burglar alarm to accomplish, and what areas it needs to protect, is it advisable to have a wired or wireless alarm system?

Wired - If you don't want to see cables running around your home you'll need to use cable strips or embed the wires into the walls, thus making installation a specialist task and pushing up outlay. Once put in the running costs are virtually zero for a wired system as there aren't any batteries required for the alarm siren box, the sensors or the detectors. Be aware that even with a hard-wired burglar alarm system there may be a rechargeable battery for power failure use, located in the control unit and external siren box. Some homeowners in Salisbury find the sight of the alarm wiring to be an eyesore in their home.

Wireless - Prices for wireless systems have dropped sharply since they were first released making them more affordable than previously. They're also far easier to install, and even a householder with basic do-it-yourself skills ought to be able to get a wireless alarm up and running with very little effort. A wireless burglar alarm needs the sensors, siren box and other detectors to have fully charged up batteries on a regular basis, to keep the system working properly.

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Whilst it is quite possible for you to fit a burglar alarm on your own, it's recommended to employ the services of a professional alarm installation company. You'll find that there are a wide range of alarm installers in and around Salisbury, providing sales, installation and maintenance of burglar alarms.

An established Salisbury burglar alarm installer will consider your requirements and provide solutions that meet your precise needs. This will comprise an on-site survey to ascertain any entry points which need to be protected, as well as enhancements that can be made to current door and window locks if necessary.

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Before any installation takes place, check your buildings insurance policy to determine whether you might be entitled to a discount. Insurance companies may offer reductions for professionally fitted security alarms so long as they satisfy their requirements.

It is essential to verify that your selected alarm installation company is a certified provider with either the NSI (National Security Inspectorate) or the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board). By using the services of an authorized security company in Salisbury, you can trust the confidentiality, professionalism and work that are the hallmark of a top notch alarm and security installer.

If you intend to use your burglar alarm to link directly with a police response team it must be installed by an authorised company and conform to SSAIB or NSI regulations to the letter. Without this proof of accreditation and alarm system compliance you will not be able to connect with police response. It is also worth mentioning that to be able to remain in the police monitoring and response service you have to have your burglar alarm maintained regularly by an approved and accredited security company.

In locations such as Petersfinger, Old Sarum, Hurdcott, Whiteparish, Laverstock, Britford, Ford, Pauls Dene, Bemerton, Alderbury, East Harnham, Bishopdown, Harnham, Idmiston, Stratford sub Castle, Milford, and others outside of Salisbury, these burglar alarm installation services are still largely accessible for those who require them. Checking this out will confirm that you're accessing local providers of burglar alarms. Salisbury property owners will be able to utilise these and various other comparable services.

The Main Benefits of Installing a Burglar Alarm in Your Home in Salisbury

Installing a burglar alarm is a great way to protect your house from burglars or intruders. These alarms not only provide homeowners with a sense of security but also come with numerous benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. Below are just some of the advantages of installing an alarm system in your property in Salisbury:

  • Provides Peace of Mind: Burglar alarms provide peace of mind, knowing that your home and family are safe and secure. This peace of mind is particularly important when you are away from property for a lengthy period, such as when you're on vacation.
  • Deter Burglars: The most obvious benefit of a security alarm is that it can deter burglars from trying to break into your home. The mere presence of a visible security alarm can make a potential intruder ponder on targeting your property. In fact, studies have demonstrated that properties without security systems are up to three hundred percent more likely to be robbed. By installing an alarm, you make your home a less attractive target and increase the likelihood of avoiding a break-in entirely.
  • Early Detection: Burglar alarms will detect any unwanted entry into your property and alert you immediately. Early detection is crucial since it provides you with enough time to call the authorities and prevent any damage to your property or loss of possessions.
  • Saves Money on Insurance: Some insurance providers offer discounts on homeowners' insurance premiums for homes with burglar alarms installed. This is because the presence of a burglar alarm lowers the likelihood of a break-in, which in turn lowers the chance of theft and damage to the property.
  • Increased Resale Value: Properties that are fitted with a burglar alarm can can be marketed at a higher price since prospective buyers are ready to pay a premium for homes that are pre-equipped with security measures, adding to the overall appeal of the home.

Burglar Alarm Repairs Salisbury

Intruder alarms are designed to provide trouble free operation for many years, but like any item of electronic equipment, can cease to work properly on occasion. Depending on your alarm system and if you've signed an agreement with a monitoring security provider, you may find that all repair work is covered by your agreement.

A standalone home alarm which is no longer under guarantee will require an electronics technician in Salisbury, who is experienced with home security systems, to repair any issues. Branded alarm equipment can be repaired by companies who may offer a fixed fee repair service in Salisbury, or have a "no fix, no fee" policy in place. As with any repair work, endeavour to obtain a minimum of three quotes and ensure that you know exactly what is included in the fee before allowing any work to continue. Burglar alarm repair services are also available in Petersfinger, Old Sarum, Hurdcott, Whiteparish, Laverstock, Britford, Ford, Pauls Dene, Bemerton, Alderbury, East Harnham, Bishopdown, Harnham, Idmiston, Stratford sub Castle, Milford, and in Salisbury itself.

Perimeter Security Salisbury

Perimeter Security Salisbury

For superior protection around your property in Salisbury, perimeter security is an extra option that can be integrated into your existing home security system. Its primary job is to alert you if someone should come inside boundary of your property, and before they even get to your home.

Simple standalone perimeter devices will often make a noise like a bell to alert both you and the intruder, that somebody is entering the premises. More complex perimeter alarms may use lasers, motion cameras, infrared sensors and even ground radar and seismic detection devices to give warning of intruders on your premises.

A simple and effective type of perimeter security for any property is the hard plastic spike strips that can be easily fixed to the tops of walls and fences. They do not of course give you any warning, but even these small spikes can deter trespassers from crossing your property boundaries by creating a painful, physical obstacle to anybody attempting to climb over your wall.

Access Control/Door Entry Systems Salisbury

It is crucial to provide secure and safe entryways to buildings, and access control systems can be a valuable asset in safeguarding areas that require additional security features beyond those offered by basic lock and key systems. Installing an access control system with the help of a professional can provide security in various ways that are not possible with an upgraded lock alone. By incorporating 2-way communication and cameras, an access control system enables you to determine who is at your door without needing to open it.

Whilst access control in a domestic setting is often limited to outside doors, businesses may require that access to certain areas, such as offices and other rooms, be restricted to only those individuals who need entry as part of their role. Keypad entry doors, keyless RF fobs, and biometric identification technology, such as iris or fingerprint recognition, are security measures that can be implemented through electronic or mechanical methods to accomplish this.

The Different Types of Burglar Alarm

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  • Monitored Burglar Alarms
  • Portable Burglar Alarms
  • Dummy Burglar Alarms
  • Bells Only Burglar Alarms

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Salisbury Burglar Alarm Questions

Salisbury Burglar Alarm Questions

Yesterday I thought it might be a good idea to look at the sorts of questions that folks ask about burglar alarms in Salisbury. Many of our visitors mailed in important questions which are worthy of a mention. The most pertinent ones appeared to be, "Why is my burglar alarm going off?" "Should I get a burglar alarm?" "How to reset burglar alarm?" "Where is the battery on a burglar alarm?" "How much to remove burglar alarm?" "What burglar alarm should I buy?" Most of these enquiries will have hopefully been addressed in this blog post, and if some are still to be answered we'll be putting in a burglar alarm "Q&A" section any day now. Many thanks to Richard Kaur, Ximena Oleary, Luca Cameron and Paisley Jackson, for sending in these questions. It was also brilliant to get questions from Aidan Crowley in Milford, Hannah Slater in Laverstock and Jesus Parker in Bishopdown.

Burglar Alarms Help, Advice and Social Media

Burglar Alarms Help

To discover burglar alarm pictures and related social media promotion, check this out. To view and buy wireless burglar alarms, burglar alarm kits, wired alarms, smart alarms and burglar alarm accessories, check out ADT. To read more regarding wireless, wired & hybrid systems, listen-in alarm monitoring, sensor types, designs of burglar alarm, broadband alarm monitoring, false & absent alarms and alarm connection and monitoring, you could head over to the Wikipedia "Security Alarm" page. Watch a short guide to security alarms on YouTube here. If you happen to be keen to read up on the very best security alarm systems click here. To become part of the world of alarm installation head to the Security Installer Forum, discussion threads comprise non-compliant installations, name & shame, standars & regulations, service and product news and trade members.

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You will soon find that there are a wide range of different jobs that most alarm installers should be willing to handle in and around your home in Salisbury and some examples are: burglar alarm accreditations, burglar alarms in Salisbury, house alarms, smart burglar alarms, burglar alarm repair Salisbury, alarm maintenance, burglar alarm maintenance, commercial alarm installations in Salisbury, burglary alarm installation Salisbury, business security alarms, burglar alarm servicing, keyless access control systems, burglar alarm quotations, security alarms, burglar alarms for the deaf, wireless alarm system installation Salisbury, monitored burglar alarms Salisbury, security lighting in Salisbury, fire detection systems, home alarms Salisbury, home security systems with cameras, house alarm upgrades, monitored alarms, commercial property security, alarm installation Salisbury, intruder alarms, access control systems, house alarms fitted near Salisbury, burglar alarms for the elderly Salisbury, intruder alarm installation, burglary alarms in Salisbury, and countless others ommitted in this blog post. Listed are just a small portion of the tasks that are carried out by those installing burglar alarms. Salisbury companies will be delighted to keep you abreast of their whole range of alarm installation services.

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Also find: Laverstock burglar alarms, Ford burglar alarms, Old Sarum burglar alarms, Britford burglar alarms, Bemerton burglar alarms, East Harnham burglar alarms, Pauls Dene burglar alarms, Milford burglar alarms, Alderbury burglar alarms, Harnham burglar alarms, Idmiston burglar alarms, Bishopdown burglar alarms, Whiteparish burglar alarms, Hurdcott burglar alarms, Stratford sub Castle burglar alarms, Petersfinger alarm installer services and more. All these areas are covered by companies who fit burglar alarms. Salisbury business and home owners can get alarm installation estimates by going here.

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Intruder Alarm Installation Around Salisbury: Some Salisbury roads and streets where alarm installation work has taken place recently - Armitage Square, Drove End, Saddlers Mead, Stop Street, Saxonhurst, South Street, Down View, Shakespeare Place, Antrim Close, Catherine Ford Cottages, School Hill, Shaftesbury Road, Avon Park, Beech Hay, Trinity Road, Stephens Close, Brick Kiln Cottages, Andrews Way, The Stones, Swattons Close, Archers Court, Sunnyside Cottages, Sussex Road, Sheepbridge Road, Church Lane Flats, Chiselbury Grove, St Johns Court, School Road, The Styles. And in these postcodes SP1 1DF, SP1 1DY, SP1 1JD, SP1 1NU, SP1 1LE, SP1 1DE, SP1 2AE, SP1 1DU, SP1 1EP, SP1 1DB. These areas recently saw activity by specialists in burglar alarms. Salisbury residents enjoyed trusted and competent alarm installation services on each occasion.

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