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Burglar Alarms Oakley Hampshire (RG23): If you are thinking about the installation of a burglar alarm system it might be handy to be aware that the level of crime in the UK has been rising every year. Over the course of twelve months in 2018-19 there were more than 1 million break in attempts and burglaries in the British Isles, with four hundred and twenty two thousand robberies reported in England and Wales. (Source: Statista, Crime and Law Enforcement figures).

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It's a terrible truth that many households only look into the possibility of fitting a security system after a burglary to their property. Since 47% of burglaries are reported as being on the off-chance by the police, their best guidance is to deter potential thieves by fitting an intruder alarm system to your home. By planning ahead and investigating the available systems which are appropriate for your property, you'll be able to save a considerable amount of stress and heartache that will be caused by a business or home intrusion. Choosing a security alarm system that matches your needs can be something of a challenge; how do you work out which one to go for?

Burglar Alarms Oakley Hampshire (RG23)

Budget limits need not be a concern when choosing your ideal burglar alarm system. From basic battery operated alarms for doors and windows, to full scale, multi entry point systems which can call or send an SMS text to you or a dedicated security provider in the event that the alarm is triggered. In addition there are wireless and wired alternatives, and many can be connected to CCTV to film any intruders for identification later. It is well worth considering, prior to purchasing your intruder alarm, exactly what its intended purpose is for.


Visual Only/Audible Alarms - The least complicated of security alarms, where a blinking light and siren bell outside the property provides an indication that the burglar alarm has been triggered. They alert the occupants of the building and local area, but raise the alarm without contacting anyone, like the police or your phone.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Having any type of alarm fitted will deter burglars as reported by the police.


  • Someone has to be within hearing range of the intruder alarm to know if it has been tripped.
  • False alarms in past times have rendered people "alarm immune".
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Auto-Dialler Intruder Alarms - These have all of the features of a visual audio alarm, but is also able to dial out via landline to send a recorded voice message, or send a SMS text via a prepaid SIM card. Usually up to 10 contacts can be notified by SMS or voice message, of any alarm sounding, with the sequence set by the burglar alarm owner. This means that if the first doesn't respond, the next person in line is called and told about the situation.


  • Communications are sent immediately the alarm has been triggered by the system.
  • Additional flood, carbon monoxide, smoke and fire detectors are available to be connected to most systems of this type.


  • You need to have your mobile phone with you, turned on and be in an area with a good signal to receive the alarm message sent out by the device.
  • Phone signals may not be received or transmitted in areas with a weak signal and there must always be credit on the SIM card.
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Contract Security Monitor Alarms - By paying a monthly or annual fee you are able to have your burglar alarm system closely monitored by a professional security company. These security companies offer an end-to-end solution by setting up, monitoring, maintaining your alarm system and contacting you in times of any alarm activation. For added security such systems might also have the option of informing the local police force of an alarm on your property in Oakley.


  • The added security features of monitored alarms discourage burglars.
  • The package will usually cover any alarm repairs and maintenance.
  • Round the clock monitoring of your home or business by a professional security company.


  • Can prove really expensive for some.
  • Lengthy contracts and costly cancellation fees.
  • You are unable to set up this kind of alarm system yourself.
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Smart Home Security - Using a mixture of sensors and cameras it is entirely possible to get twenty four hour coverage of your home or business from anywhere across the world. By using your computer, smartphone or tablet you are able to log on to your account and take video, check on the status of your alarm and record images.


  • The secure application and software program can be installed on many digital devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • A good way to keep tabs on your business or home if you travel a lot.


  • Poor internet speeds can affect the performance of your intruder alarm.
  • Additional sensors and equipment can be expensive.

Portable Alarm Systems - Such battery powered devices add extra security cover in areas where temporary alarm systems are necessary. If you're using these for outbuilding security try to get independent alarms which have a solar panel option and rechargeable batteries.


  • Handy for travelers who are often on the move who want to add some additional security to a hotel room.
  • A cheap and cheerful alternative for short term installation due to their simplicity of use.


  • The security features that they offer are very restricted.
  • Needs new or recharged batteries to operate properly.


Intruder Alarm Installation Oakley UK

Now you know exactly what you need from your alarm system in terms of coverage and features, which is the best solution for your property; wired or wireless?

Wired - If you do not wish to see cables running through your home you'll have to use cable strips or embed the wiring into your walls, consequently making installation a specialist task and increasing the initial outlay. A hard-wired burglar alarm is easy to maintain and cost effective to run, needing only mains electricity for the alarm system to work. The only batteries that are ever used in a wired system could be located in the control unit and siren box as a backup during a power cut. If not installed carefully the wires can look untidy running around the walls of your home.

Wireless - Wireless intruder alarms are no longer the expensive gadgets that they were previously, with numerous good quality systems offered at competitive prices. They are also much easier to fit, and even a householder with basic DIY skills ought to be able to get a wireless burglar alarm up and running without too much trouble. A wireless alarm system needs the siren, sensors and other detectors to have fully charged batteries regularly, to keep the system operating correctly.

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Whilst it is perfectly possible to fit a burglar alarm system on your own, it is recommended that you hire the services of a specialist alarm installation company. You should be able to find numerous burglar alarm companies and installers in and around Oakley who will help you in your choice of burglar alarm to meet your needs.

A good Oakley security company will take notice of your needs and provide a solution that will be an ideal match for your precise circumstances. Even if you've explained your requirements, many burglar alarm installers will ask to do a site survey to make sure there is no area that you might have missed, and to come up with the perfect design for your system.

Burglar Alarm System Oakley

Before any installation takes place, check your buildings insurance to find out if you're entitled to a discount. If you meet your insurers intruder alarm specifications, you may be pleasantly surprised to get a special discount on your policy fees.

If your chosen intruder alarm company has been approved by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) or NSI (National Security Inspectorate) then you can be sure they are an accredited alarm supplier. Such credentials demonstrate to the customer that they will be getting the best quality service from a trusted and trained provider in Oakley.

A monitored system which is linked to the police response unit has to be installed professionally and comply with NSI or SSAIB regulations. If you do decide to join the police response unit you will need evidence of certification by the SSAIB or NSI from your installation company, and validation that your intruder alarm complies with their strict guidelines. It's also worthwhile saying that in order to remain in the police response service you have to have your burglar alarm maintained frequently by an approved and accredited company.

Furthermore, you won't have to fret if you happen to live somewhere outside of Oakley, because these alarm installation services are available in Sherborne St John, Ellisfield, Ashe, Hannington, Whitnal, Laverstoke, Ibworth, Ashley Warren, Steventon, North Oakley, Deane, Kinsclere, Cliddesden, North Waltham, Dummer, Ashe Warren, Quidhampton, Wooton St Lawrence and other nearby locations. Checking this out should ensure that you access local providers of burglar alarms. Oakley homeowners can benefit from these and lots of other related services.

Burglar Alarm Repairs Oakley

It's likely that your home security system will give you hassle-free service for many years, however on occasion something may cease to function. You may discover that any repairs are included, if you have a maintenance contract in place with an alarm system monitoring provider.

A standalone system that is no longer under guarantee will require an electronics engineer in Oakley, who is experienced in security systems, to resolve any faults. Brand name alarm systems can be fixed by companies who provide a set fee repair service in Oakley, or have a "no fix, no fee" policy. As with any type of repairs, try and get a minimum of 3 quotes and ensure that you know exactly what is included in the fee before allowing any work to continue. You should also be able to access burglar alarm repair in Sherborne St John, Ellisfield, Ashe, Hannington, Whitnal, Laverstoke, Ibworth, Ashley Warren, Steventon, North Oakley, Deane, Kinsclere, Cliddesden, North Waltham, Dummer, Ashe Warren, Quidhampton, Wooton St Lawrence, and and of course in Oakley itself.

Types of Burglar Alarm

  • Smart Burglar Alarms
  • Portable Burglar Alarms
  • Bells Only Burglar Alarms
  • Dummy Burglar Alarms
  • Monitored Burglar Alarms

CO Carbon Monoxide Alarms Oakley

A carbon monoxide (CO) alarm needs to be an essential item as an element of your entire home security and protection system in Oakley. A carbon monoxide alarm, which can be connected to your home security system, will keep your loved ones protected from this deadly, invisible gas.

A carbon monoxide (CO) alarm is initiated before the CO levels in the atmosphere become unsafe. This gives you sufficient time to get people out of the area involved and introduce adequate ventilation. If any family member starts to feel a flu like condition after escaping your house because of a carbon monoxide alarm you need to take them to a well-ventilated spot and dial 999 immediately.

A CO will reset itself after the measure of hazardous gas in the atmosphere has dropped to a safe level. If you experience a carbon monoxide in your home in Oakley, you need to contact a professional Gas Safe heating engineer to check out all of your fuel burning appliances.

Perimeter Security Oakley

Perimeter Security Oakley

Perimeter security measures can be non-aligned with a pre-existing alarm on a home or business premises in Oakley, or it can be integrated into an active control unit for simplicity of use. Its principal function is to protect your premises by giving you a warning before an intruder has a chance to get into the building.

Bog standard independent systems will often make a noise like a bell to alert both you and the intruder, that somebody is entering into your premises. More complex perimeter alarms can employ CCTV, infrared detectors, laser beams and even ground radar and seismic detection devices to give warning of trespassers on your property.

A passive and very simple, yet reliable, sort of perimeter security is the ubiquitous spiked wall or fence topper. These sharp and rigid plastic spikes establish a painful barrier to anybody considering climbing over walls and fences around your home or business. (Tags: Home Perimeter Security Oakley, Perimeter Security Systems Oakley, Perimeter Security Oakley).

Do-it-Yourself Burglar Alarms

DIY Burglar Alarms Oakley

DIY installation of a burglar alarm enables you to tailor your security system to the exact needs of your property in Oakley. If you've got some rudimentary do-it-yourself capabilities and are comfortable working with electrical equipment, this might be attractive to you. It must be emphasised that a self-installed burglar alarm might not have the same level of effectiveness as a professionally installed security system.

Fit yourself alarm systems can be wired or wireless. Wireless systems are less complicated to install, but remember that if devices need mains power they'll need to be plugged in to the closest power socket. Because the detectors and sensors in a wireless burglar alarm are battery powered, their installation is made easier.

Despite the fact that DIY burglar alarms can be significantly cheaper than a professionally installed system, they still supply security, and priceless peace of mind, for you and your family.

Smoke/Fire Alarms Oakley

Smoke and heat detectors can easily be coupled with a pre-existing home security system to provide you with zoned monitoring in case of fire. Fire and smoke alarms can be wireless and wired and can be incorporated into a security package if you are adding a whole new burglar alarm system.

The most simple smoke detectors in Oakley are standalone battery operated units that can offer a degree of protection anyplace in your property, with simple installation. Unfortunately, as good as these standard smoke alarms can be, a lot of homeowners forget to change the batteries regularly, or take them out to prevent the annoying beeping when the battery gets low.

A mains powered smoke alarm with a backup battery, that's linked to your home's security system, will trip the main alarm to alert the entire household in the event of a fire. This will give your family more time to exit your house swiftly and safely before calling the emergency services.

Panic Button Installation and Monitoring

In the rapidly changing world of today, personal security and safety are paramount concerns for families, organisations and individuals alike. Panic button installation and monitoring systems are essential tools that can address these concerns by offering rapid and efficient responses to emergencies. In serious situations, these systems empower people in Oakley to quickly summon help, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind. Panic button installation involves the setup of a discrete and easily accessible button, usually placed in strategic locations within public spaces, homes or workplaces. The form of these buttons can vary depending on the user's preferences and needs, from physical buttons to smartphone applications. These buttons are designed to be activated speedily, regardless of their form, so that they can be used to respond to any traumatic situation as quickly as possible. The optimal button positioning is determined by a meticulous evaluation of the surroundings, ensuring that users can activate the system easily whilst maintaining discretion. (49182)

Oakley Burglar Alarm Questions

Oakley Burglar Alarm Questions

Only yesterday I thought it might be a great idea to look at the questions that home owners ask with regards to burglar alarms in Oakley. A few of our visitors e-mailed fascinating enquiries which are applicable to this post. Those which I picked are, "What is a burglar alarm system?" "Where is the battery on a burglar alarm?" "How does a burglar alarm work?" "Is it worth having a burglar alarm?" "Should I get CCTV or a burglar alarm?" "How much are intruder alarms in Oakley?" Most of these queries hopefully have been answered in the preceding article, and if that isn't the case we'll shortly be introducing a burglar alarm "Questions and Answers" feature. Many thanks to Maurice Allen, Khloe Mac, Alan Stenhouse and Laurie Fretwell, for posing these great questions. We were also grateful to receive pertinent queries from Xavier Reeve in Ashley Warren, Jill Khalid in Steventon and Phillip Roberts in Ashe.

Oakley Alarm Installation Services

A qualified Oakley alarm installer will likely be glad to help you with burglary alarm installation, commercial property security, home security systems in Oakley, house alarms fitted near Oakley, burglar alarm quotes, keyless access control systems, pet friendly burglar alarms in Oakley, burglar alarms for the elderly, fire detection systems Oakley, carbon monoxide alarms, intruder alarms Oakley, home alarms Oakley, domestic alarms, alarm maintenance, alarm repair, burglar alarms, discouraging burglars, smart burglar alarms, burglar alarm systems, CCTV camera installations, wireless burglar alarms Oakley, business CCTV systems in Oakley, security alarms, alarm servicing Oakley, business security alarms, burglar alarm servicing Oakley, commercial alarm installation, smart home security systems with cameras, security lighting, burglar alarm repair, burglar alarm installation and further alarm installation services. These are just a few of the activities that are conducted by people specialising in burglar alarms. Oakley companies will be delighted to keep you abreast of their whole range of services.

Burglar Alarms Information, Advice and Social Media

Burglar Alarms Advice

If you wish to discover more info on about the best home security system for your property head here. To follow discussions concerning alarm installation go to the Security Installer Forum, discussion threads comprise regulations & standards, service and product news, trade membership, name & shame and non-compliant installations. To find out more about alarm connection and monitoring, wireless, wired & hybrid systems, sensor types, audio and video verification, designs of burglar alarm, access control & bypass codes and broadband alarm monitoring, pay a visit to Wikipedia. If you are one of those individuals who invariably relies on social media to find out stuff about services and products, you'll be able to get all the current info on alarm installation if you, check this out. By watching YouTube videos like this you can learn how to pick the best burglar alarm for your house. To obtain burglar alarm kits, wireless alarms, smart burglar alarms, burglar alarm accessories and wired alarms, pop along to Screwfix.

Leaving a Review

For any business in Oakley, reviews and testimonials are their lifeblood, and the difference between a prospective client appointing a company, or moving on to a competitor, could be whether or not they have glowing online reviews. If someone you have hired has done a fantastic job, tell others about how they did, by leaving them a nice review and sharing your experience with the world. Your first hand experience of the company will be beneficial not just to the business, but also to any potential customer. Let's face it, reviews were almost certainly useful for you yourself when you were initially looking for somebody to install your burglar alarm. It does not matter how good a burglar alarm company website may look, without those customer reviews you may have looked someplace else.

Leaving a Review

But, can the so called customer reviews be trusted or believed when you're actually on a business's own website? Were actual customers responsible for these, or were they "thought up" by a company employee trying to make them look better than they are?

Checking out the reviews on Google My Business listings is a great way to look for honest and genuine reviews online. Millions of folks consider the reviews on this website every day, in order to determine the standing and reputation companies all over the world. Bing Places for Business is another review site that you could try when leaving reviews for local businesses and services in Oakley, and is the leading rival to Google My Business, holding second place in the reviews sector. You can help to increase the profile of a company that worked on your project by leaving a positive review here, and while doing so provide an outline of the reliability and working standards which they provided. Other great places to post reviews for your business include Facebook and Twitter pages. Most small businesses in Oakley will rely heavily on these social media giants for their marketing and promotion strategies. Your supportive reviews will help to strengthen their sales message, and if you have offered recommendations to neighbours and friends who are interested in services of a similar nature, this will give them a kick off point for their search for the right tradesman.

Whilst a hand-drafted letter of thanks is a little bit 'old school' these days, this is still perfectly acceptable. These are easy to photograph for use on websites, and are still vital in an online world. They can even be framed or gathered together to create a portfolio to impress potential customers in one on one meetings. No matter how your review is created, you will feel good knowing that you may have helped out a small local business who proved to be trustworthy.

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Burglar Alarm Installation Around Oakley: Over the past few weeks alarm installation work has been conducted successfully in Sainfoin Lane, Goddards Firs, West Brook Close, Matthews Way, Dever Way, Anton Close, Hoopers Way, Glamis Close, Water Ridges, Pardown, Frome Close, Yew Tree Close, St John's Piece, Itchen Close, Hazel Close, Hill Road, Cadnam Close, Fox Lane, Beech Tree Close, Dellfield, The Drive, Marlborough Gardens and other locations in Oakley, Hampshire. And in these postcodes RG23 7EU, RG23 7FR, RG23 7AE, RG23 7AS, RG23 7GH, RG23 7BJ, RG22 5QQ, RG23 8PH, RG23 7JY, RG23 7HE. Work was performed in these locations by specialists in burglar alarms. Oakley residents benefited from trusted and competent alarm installation services.

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