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Burglar Alarms Brackley Northamptonshire (NN13): If you are looking at the installation of a home alarm system it could be helpful to be aware that the rate of crime in the British Isles has been climbing annually. In the year of 2018-2019 there were over one million burglaries and attempted burglaries in the United Kingdom, with 422,000 actual burglaries reported in England and Wales alone. (Source: Statista, Crime and Law Enforcement data).

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Many folks only enhance their home security system or put in a burglar alarm after a burglary or theft to their property has already been perpetrated. With the UK police stating that because forty seven percent of burglaries are perpetrated on the off-chance and you're less likely to be a burglary victim if you have got a system fitted, it's certainly worth the investment. By thinking ahead and checking out the available systems that might be suitable for your property, you'll save a good deal of heartache and stress caused by a business or home intrusion. But just how do you pick out an intruder alarm or home security system that's right for you?

Burglar Alarms Brackley Northamptonshire (NN13)

All budgets are catered for across the range of detection and alarm systems. From straightforward battery powered alarms for windows and doors, to full blown, multiple entry point equipment that can call or send a text to you or a dedicated security company when the alarm is activated. All of these burglar alarms come in wireless or wired versions and may even link up to a CCTV camera or security system to record suspect events for photographic and video evidence. Before purchasing your security alarm it is worthwhile thinking about precisely what you'd like it to do if the alarm goes off.


Audible/Visual Only Burglar Alarms - Typically an external bell box with an obvious flashing light which sounds whenever the alarm has been triggered. The siren or bell, together with pulsating light will only inform folks in or close to the premises where the intruder alarm has been tripped.


  • Police forces throughout the UK confirm that any type of security system may discourage break-ins.
  • Installation is comparatively simple and quick.


  • Recognition of the burglar alarm ringing is restricted to those in or near to the property or building.
  • Unfortunately folks will sometimes ignore the alarm.
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Auto-Dialler Security Systems - This type of burglar alarm can be linked to your landline or have a cell phone SIM card fitted. This permits the alarm control unit to send out a text or voice message to selected contacts with some alarm systems allowing multiple contacts to be included in a cascade system of phoning. If multiple contacts are allowed then if the first one does not acknowledge the message then the next one on the list is informed, and so on until verification.


  • You're warned as soon as the alarm is triggered.
  • Monitors to pick up fire, carbon monoxide or flooding can also be linked to these security alarm devices.


  • SIM only devices need the card to be topped up before use and will possibly not work effectively in a weak signal location.
  • You need to have your phone with you at all times, switched on and be in a good signal area to receive the message sent out by the device.
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Monitored Home Security Systems - A comprehensive monitoring and security program can be supplied by a professional alarm monitoring and response company in return for a monthly or annual fee. Normally they will install the equipment themselves and when the alarm goes off they'll get hold of the property owner or key holder to give assistance. If you also require the additional service of a police response, these monitored intruder alarms may have the ability to connect to them directly.


  • The security company will usually offer maintenance of the system as part of the plan.
  • Your intruder alarm is constantly tracked and monitored for emergencies by a trusted security firm.
  • The added security features of monitored alarms are more likely to dissuade intruders.


  • You could be tied into an extended contract with costly termination charges.
  • Costs can vary depending on level of cover needed.
  • You won't be able to fit this kind of security system yourself.
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Smart Home Security - By using a mixture of sensors and cameras it's quite possible to get round the clock coverage of your home or business from anywhere around the world. Using an app and personal account you have the ability to manage and monitor all aspects of your alarm from any compatible Android, Windows or iOS device.


  • If you're out of the house a lot it is an excellent way to monitor your home security.
  • The secure application and program can be installed on many compatible devices, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.


  • Costs can increase quickly if more sensors and detectors are required than in the basic package.
  • The system depends upon good data signal and internet speed for the application to work efficiently.

Portable Alarms - Such battery powered gadgets add extra security cover in places where short-term burglar alrms are needed. If you are using these for garden building security watch out for standalone alarms which have a solar powered option and rechargeable batteries.


  • The cheapest and easiest to install of all the alarm systems.
  • Can be relocated to suit your needs.


  • If not solar charged, batteries will have to be checked frequently.
  • Somewhat restricted in what security functions they offer.


Intruder Alarm Installation Brackley UK

Once you've decided what you want your alarm to do, and the areas it needs to cover, is it advisable to have a wired or wireless intruder alarm?

Wired - Initial costs could be cheaper than a wireless alarm, but installation can be challenging and cost more, because of the extra time and skill in routing the cabling. Once put in the running costs are minimal for a hard-wired burglar alarm as there aren't any batteries to replace in the alarm siren box, the sensors or the detectors. Having said that, even with a wired security alarm there could be a backup rechargeable battery, in case of power failure, found in the control unit and external siren box. Some folks in Brackley don't much like the sight of wires running around their house.

Wireless - Wireless intruder alarms are no longer the costly devices that they once were, with numerous good quality systems available at affordable prices. The basic alarms are also very easy to install by anyone with a moderate level of do-it-yourself expertise, but for the more complex security systems it is advisable to use a professional security installation company. A wireless burglar alarm needs the bell box, sensors and other detectors to have fully charged up batteries on a regular basis, to keep the system functioning properly.

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For the best results, always hire an established alarm installer to install and maintain your burglar alarm. You will be able to find many burglar alarm companies and contractors in and around Brackley who will help you in selecting a burglar alarm system to make sure your security needs are fulfilled.

A decent Brackley security company will pay attention to your concerns and provide a burglar alarm that will be an ideal match for your circumstances. This will entail a site survey to identify any entry points that will need to be covered, along with improvements that could be made to existing window and door locks if needed.

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Prior to any installation, check your buildings insurance to find out if you are entitled to a discount. Savings can be made on your building insurance by getting an approved and professionally fitted alarm system installed to your home.

NSI (National Security Inspectorate) or the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) approved companies are the leading authorised alarm installation suppliers for insurance purposes. Such credentials demonstrate to the customer that they'll be receiving the best quality service from a trusted and qualified supplier in Brackley.

If you want to use your security system to link directly with a police response team it has to be installed by an approved company and observe NSI or SSAIB guidelines to the letter. If your installation team doesn't have this certification your system won't be able to join the police response program. If your burglar alarm has a lot of false alarms you may be removed from the police monitoring and response system, and in order to avoid this they require your alarm to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis by an accredited security company.

Folks who live in Turweston, Hinton in the Hedges, Halstone, Halse, Evenley, Farthinghoe, Greatworth, Croughton, Mixbury, Stowe, Syresham, Finmere, Water Stratford, or other areas outside of Brackley can also access these burglar alarm installation services, and take full advantage of the convenience they provide. Checking this out can ensure that you access locally based providers of burglar alarms. Brackley property owners can benefit from these and various other similar services.

Burglar Alarm Repairs Brackley

It's likely that your home security system will provide trouble-free service for years, however there are occasions when something might cease to function. You may discover that all of the repair work is included, if you have a maintenance contract in place with a security monitoring company.

If your home alarm is not subject to a contract or is out of warranty, you will need to call in a competent Brackley electrical technician, preferably experienced with burglar alarm systems, to check out your equipment. Some repair companies in Brackley offer the option of a fixed fee service for branded security systems, and you may be offered a "no fix, no fee" service which will give you peace of mind and confidence. As with any repairs, see if you can obtain at least three estimates and ensure that you know precisely what is included in the fee before you allow any work to continue. You should also be able to get burglar alarm repair done in Turweston, Hinton in the Hedges, Halstone, Halse, Evenley, Farthinghoe, Greatworth, Croughton, Mixbury, Stowe, Syresham, Finmere, Water Stratford, and in Brackley, Northamptonshire. (Tags: Burglar Alarm Repair Brackley, Security Alarm Repairs Brackley, Burglar Alarm Repairs Brackley).

The Main Benefits of Installing a Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm is a security system designed to alert you and the authorities when there is an intrusion. Installing a security system in your home can provide a whole host of benefits, from deterring would-be burglars to increasing your sense of security. In this section, we'll explore some of the advantages of installing a burglar alarm in your Brackley home.

  • Early Detection: Burglar alarms will detect any unwanted entry into your home and alert you instantly. Early detection is crucial since it provides you with enough time to call the authorities and prevent any loss or damage to your property.
  • Peace of Mind: A burglar alarm provides peace of mind, knowing that your property and family are safe and sound. This peace of mind is particularly vital when you're away from home for an extended period i.e.on vacation.
  • Deterrence: The most evident benefit of a burglar alarm system is that it can deter intruders from attempting to get into your home. The mere presence of a visible alarm system can make a potential burglar reconsider targeting your home. In fact, studies have revealed that properties without alarm systems are up to 300% more likely to be robbed. By installing a security alarm, you make your home less of a target and increase the likelihood of avoiding a break-in entirely.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums: Property owners who install a security alarm could be entitled to lower insurance premiums, as the reduced probability of a break-in means fewer claims for damages or stolen property, leading to cost savings for insurance providers.
  • Increased Resale Value: Installing a burglar alarm system can boost the market value of your property during resale, because buyers are usually happy to pay a premium for homes with existing security measures. This can make your home more desirable to potential buyers and increase its market appeal.

CO Carbon Monoxide Alarms Brackley

The dangerous effects of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning are generally recognised by the majority of folks on account of tragic accidents over the years, and a carbon monoxide alarm is an important piece of safety gear for any home or business in Brackley. Linking such an alarm with your whole house security system will ensure your home in Brackley is monitored and safe, 24-7.

These CO alarms test the quantities of the gas in the atmosphere and trigger a warning alarm if dangerous levels are reached. This gives you time to remove people from the area affected and provide some fresh air. If any occupant starts to feel flu like symptoms after vacating your home due to a carbon monoxide alert you should take them to a well-ventilated spot and dial 999 right away.

If you proceed to ventilate an affected area the CO alarm will automatically shut off as soon as the amount of gas in the air falls to a safe level once more. Should you experience a triggered carbon monoxide alarm in your home in Brackley you will have to call out a certified technician to examine your property's heating and ventilation system. (Tags: CO Alarms Brackley, Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation Brackley, Carbon Monoxide Alarms Brackley).

The Different Types of Burglar Alarm

  • Monitored Burglar Alarms
  • Smart Burglar Alarms
  • Audible Only Burglar Alarms
  • Dummy Burglar Alarms
  • Portable Burglar Alarms

Smoke/Fire Alarm Installation Brackley

Smoke and fire detectors can quite easily be coupled with an existing intruder alarm system to provide zoned warnings in case of fire. There are wired and wireless solutions on the market which seamlessly integrate with your current burglar alarm, or come as part of a package if you are putting in a new system.

The most basic detectors in Brackley are independent battery operated devices that can deliver a reasonable level of protection anyplace in your home, with simple installation. Regrettably, as effective as these simple smoke alarms can be, a lot of folks forget to regularly renew the batteries, or sometimes even take them out to stop the annoying beeping when the battery starts to run down.

Installing a smoke alarm which is linked with your main home security system will notify the entire household when there's a fire, instead of sounding in just the section that's experiencing the fire. In larger properties in Brackley, the advantage is that there is more time for everyone to safely get out, and a better chance of the Fire Brigade arriving to tackle any fire rapidly.

Perimeter Security Brackley

Perimeter Security Brackley

Perimeter security measures can be autonomous of a pre-existing security alarm on a large property in Brackley, or it can be incorporated into a current control unit for added convenience. Its principal function is to warn you if someone should come inside outer boundary of your premises, and before they reach your home.

Bog standard independent perimeter systems will often make a noise like a bell to alert both you and the intruder, that somebody is entering your property. More sophisticated perimeter alarms will use infrared detectors, lasers, motion cameras and even ground radar and seismic detection devices to give warning of intruders on your property.

A very simple, passive and reliable, sort of perimeter security is the ubiquitous spikey fence or wall topper. Even though they do not of course sound any alarm, these sharp spikes deter intruders from scaling your walls by establishing a painful barrier.

Brackley Burglar Alarm Questions

Brackley Burglar Alarm Questions

Just yesterday I was researching the typical questions that people in Brackley ask regarding burglar alarms. Several of our web visitors submitted compelling queries that I thought would be relevant to this blog post. The ones which stuck out are, "How much is a burglar alarm system?" "Which is the best burglar alarm system?" "What are the applications of burglar alarm?" "What causes burglar alarm to go off?" "Do burglar alarms have batteries?" "Does having a burglar alarm reduce insurance?" Most of these enquiries hopefully have been covered somewhere on this webpage, and if not a burglar alarm "Q&A" section is something we'll be including before very long. A big thank you goes to Cameron Hull, Sue Mccabe, Graham Strachan and Victoria Chaplin, for raising these questions. We also received contributions from Sawyer Hill in Farthinghoe, Tina Hanson in Syresham and Gary Busby in Water Stratford.

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You will soon discover that there are many jobs that almost all alarm installers ought to be ready to take on inside and outside your home in Brackley, Northamptonshire and examples include: home security systems, house alarms fitted near Brackley, burglar alarm installations, alarm installation, intruder alarms, home security system installations in Brackley, wireless alarm systems, carbon monoxide alarms, security lighting in Brackley, burglar alarms for the deaf, monitored burglar alarms Brackley, fire detection systems Brackley, access control systems, intercom systems, burglary alarm installations, monitored alarms Brackley, alarm installation quotations, burglar alarms for sheds in Brackley, commercial alarm installation, commercial property security in Brackley, burglar alarms for flats, domestic alarm installations in Brackley, Yale burglar alarms Brackley, burglar alarm accreditations, wireless burglar alarms Brackley, pet friendly burglar alarms, CCTV camera installations in Brackley, burglar alarm servicing in Brackley, burglar alarm repair, fake burglar alarms Brackley, security risk management, and even more not listed above. These are just a handful of the tasks that are undertaken by those installing burglar alarms. Brackley companies will let you know their full range of alarm installation services.

Leave a Review for a Job Well Done

Several years ago, folks used to look in the local papers or Yellow Pages to find services and businesses in the area, nowadays they are more inclined to browse reviews online, which have become increasingly more popular. If you have received outstanding work, why don't you make the effort to thank them by giving a positive review of their performance on your project. Sharing your personal knowledge in this way can help both the company itself and any possible customers in the future. When you were initially looking to find somebody to do your work, you should think about how your decision was ultimately swayed by negative or positive reviews. Even if you had visited a company website which looks extremely professional, you would likely have carried on looking if they didn't have compelling reviews and testimonials.

Leaving a Review

However, when so called customer reviews are prominently displayed on a company website, can you really have faith that they're authentic? Were "real" people responsible for these, or were they "conjured up" by a company employee in order to make them look better?

An excellent way to look for sincere and authentic reviews is to go through the the reviews on Google My Business listings. To ascertain the reputation of a company and also influence a business's search engine ranking, many will tell you that this is THE review website. When aiming to leave reviews for local services in Brackley, the second largest review platform is Bing Places for Business, which is Google My Business's key competitor. Your glowing review here will create a summary of the company that successfully worked on your project and assist in raising their local profile. Other excellent places to leave feedback for a business include Twitter and Facebook pages. Such social media sites can be extremely influential and will form a big part of the marketing and promotion strategies of most small businesses in Brackley. If you add your feedback, this will help to strengthen their marketing message.

If you are not computer savvy you can always simply send in a hand-written letter of thanks to the company involved. Such letters are still vital, even in an online world, and can be scanned in for use on business websites. The incentive for you is the terrific feeling that you'll get, knowing you have in some way helped a local small business gain credibility in a highly competitive marketplace and hopefully drum up more custom.

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